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In Australia, an average of 350 people die every year because of drink-driving. Even one life lost is one too many, which is why we’re working to help drivers make safer choices by providing innovative and affordable alcohol testing technology.

Breathalyser Hire and Rental (BHR) provides industry-leading alcohol testing equipment for private, commercial and industrial markets.

We supply a wide range of hand-held breathalysers and wall-mounted breathalyser machines suitable for personal or industrial use, as well asignition interlock devices for vehicle immobilisation. Our products are at the forefront of alcohol detection technology and are Australian Standards certified for quality assurance. We can tailor any of our products to address your risk management requirements. Visit our online store to find out more.

Guardian Interlock Systems Australasia Pty Ltd (GIS) is an authorised supplier to government-mandated interlock programs throughout the country and also sells and leases a range of interlock devices for personal and corporate markets.

Government interlock programs are for offenders convicted of serious or repeat drink driving offenses. An interlock is fitted to the vehicle and requires the driver to provide a breath sample in order to start the vehicle. If the driver is over the prescribed limit, they will be unable to start the vehicle and the violation will be recorded for review by the relevant government authority.

Commercial interlock devices (without government reporting requirements) are available to private individuals and companies with an interest in driver and community safety, such as taxi firms, freight services and public transport agencies. Interlocks can also be of benefit to high-profile organisations wishing to safeguard their public image, such as professional sports teams. Visit the Guardian Interlock website to find out more.